About us

About us

Mission & Goals

The mission of BIRG is the


„Formation of the Future in Hand Surgery“


BIRG (Bone Implant Research Group) is a non-profit medical organisation led by international surgeons. The purpose is to improve established hand surgical treatment options as well as new treatment approaches; however, the focus is on the added value and the benefit for the patients.


The goals of BIRG are:

Recognizing, evaluating, and setting trends for hand surgery,

Encouragement of teaching & education through a target-group-specific training concept,

Development and testing of new hand surgical treatments,

Funding of Research.


The science department is responsible for practice-oriented hand surgical research projects. Established methods are therefore considered to guarantee the on-going and innovative improvement for hand surgical procedures.


In order to achieve the defined goals, BIRG consists of two independent departments.

The department teaching & education designs and carries out target-group-specific training concepts for future medical doctors. Various training opportunities like workshops, courses, or seminars in combination with hands-on workshops create a valuable contribution in teaching & education for surgeons.


The independence of the doctors and researchers is guaranteed through the principles of the group. The identification of mental and personal independence of the members represents a model for cooperation between doctors and the industry since the foundation of BIRG is the guarantee for academic quality in science as well as teaching & education.


Board of Directors



Dr. med. Stephan Schindele

Dept. of Upper Extremities and Hand Surgery

Schulthess Hospital

Zurich, Switzerland

Board Members

Vice President

Dr. Martin Richter

Dept. of Plastic and Hand Surgery

Malteser Hospital

Bonn, Germany

Secretary General

Oliver Scheunemann

Tuttlingen, Germany

Head of Division Teaching and Education

Prof. Dr. med. Christof Meyer

Dept. of Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery

Hospital Saarbruecken

Saarbruecken, Germany

Head of Division Science

Priv. Doz. Dr. Reinhard Meier

Dept. of Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery

Helios Hospital Meiningen

Meiningen, Germany

Members at Large

Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Krimmer

Centre for Hand Surgery, Ravensburg

Ravensburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Martin Leixnering

Dept. of Traumatology, Hand Surgery and Sports Traumatology

Traumatology Lorenz Boehler Hospital | Ordination Dr. Leixnering

Vienna, Austria

Thomas Samyn

Tuttlingen, Germany

Prof. Dr. med. Jörg van Schoonhoven

Dept. of Hand Surgery

Rhön-Klinikum, Bad Neustadt an der Saale

Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany


BIRG was founded in 2011 by a group of hand surgeons in Zürich. Its goal is to help shape the future of hand surgery, and to be engaged in science and teaching & education in the long run.


Due to the cooperation with industrial partners, the financially independent organization was able to develop and test new and patient-friendly methods as well as products. In addition, the teaching & education is also a guarantee for high-quality training opportunities of future medical doctors.


The membership of BIRG is open to clinical and non-clinical group of people interested in research and treatment options for hand surgery. The requirement for all members is that every member follows the goals of the group and contributes actively to achieve the mission of BIRG.

The acquisition of the membership takes place after a written application directed to the board of directors and two active members. Decisions about the admission of a member require a CV, interview and / or participation at one or more events. Decisions about the admission of new members are decided by the board of directors. The candidate has to convince the board of directors based on his professional career that he or she meets the requirements for the membership.

The annual membership fee amounts to 50 €.


KLS Martin Group

The KLS Martin Group develops, produces, and distributes surgical products worldwide in cooperation with clinical users. The result is innovative and patient specific products, which meet the highest quality requirement. Following the vision “Surgical Innovation is our Passion”, KLS Martin was able to develop numerous clinical innovations in the past.

The common goal of the partnership between BIRG and the KLS Martin Group is the development of new and existing hand surgical treatments to improve clinical results. In this process, the BIRG receives the long-term knowhow of the KLS Martin Group for the production of implants. With the help of newest manufacturing technologies, innovative solutions and products become feasible. However, other treatment methods also have to be trained to ensure the successful use. For this reason, BIRG is responsible for specific coordinated teaching & education concepts as well as for preparing the medical doctors for the upcoming challenges.

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